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Complimentary* diagnostic test for Equine Cushing’s disease (PPID)

If you have spotted any of the clinical signs that may be associated with Cushing’s disease in your horse, then finding out if your horse or pony has this condition is an important first step. Fill in the form below to claim a complimentary diagnostic test (ACTH test) to support your vet in diagnosing this disease.

Your horse is not eligible for this test if they are already on veterinary treatment for Cushing’s disease.

Once you have submitted your details a voucher code will be sent to your email address. This voucher code can be redeemed by presenting it to your veterinary surgeon.

On registering for a complimentary diagnostic test (known as an ACTH test) you will automatically be given membership to Care About Cushing’s: an online platform especially designed to support owners of horses with Equine Cushing’s disease. As a Care About Cushing’s member you will be able to keep up to date with all the latest information on Equine Cushing’s disease, create a personal profile for your horses in order to monitor their progress, and ask our panel of experts any questions that you have about this disease.

Complimentary ACTH monitoring test

One of the member benefits of Care About Cushing’s is that you will be emailed one complementary monitoring ACTH voucher code* every year. Please log in and complete a diary entry for your horse including their treatment dose and most recent ACTH test result to trigger a monitoring code email.

If you are already registered with Care About Cushing's, log in and complete a diary entry for your horse to check its eligibility for a complimentary monitoring test.

*one voucher code per horse annually. Laboratory fees only. Visit, blood sampling and interpretation fees may still be applied by your vet.

Accessing the test result

Your horse’s ACTH diagnostic and monitoring test results will be delivered to your Care About Cushing’s profile, and we will send details about how to access results via the contact details you provide on registration.

Sharing the result with your vet

We will share your test results and reminders with your veterinary surgeon and their practice, and this information will also be used to update your horse’s records. The information you provide and the test results may also be used for research purposes to assist in further advancements in veterinary medicine. 

Looking after your data

Your details will remain anonymous throughout the research and your personal data will not be shared with any other parties. Please fill in your opt-in preferences on the submission form so that we can contact you with further details about your horse’s test result and the Care About Cushing’s service.

*Complimentary basal ACTH test, laboratory fees only

For vets

This form is designed for horse owners to request a voucher for a complimentary test for Equine Cushing’s disease. If you are a veterinary surgeon requesting a test voucher on behalf of a client please indicate this below.

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If you would like the voucher code sent to you directly as well as the horse owner please enter the email address that you would like it to be sent to here. (This email address will not be retained in any way, and will be used for the sole purpose of sending this voucher code to you)

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This complimentary test voucher code is redeemable against the laboratory fees for a basal ACTH test, performed at Liphook Equine Hospital laboratory UK. One complimentary voucher is available per horse. This voucher code is not valid for monitoring treatment of horses previously diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s disease.

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